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Download Whatsapp Playstore

Download Whatsapp Playstore for Dummies

In case you have ever wondered how to obtain the best app for communicating with your friends and family from anyw

here in the world and not get fooled, keep reading because you have arrived at the right place. We will tell you about how to download Whatsapp Playstore. Also how to install it on your smartphone for free, without further hassles.

Whatsapp was designed as a messaging application for smartphones of virtually any platform. It is used as a means of communications with anyone who owns a smartphone and has Whatsapp installed as well. This app started out as an application to send text messages. Without consuming our balance from the network service provide or without requiring a network. Since it functions with any internet connection available, whether from a network (3G, HDSPA, LTE, etc) or from a Wi-Fi connection.

This is very convenient because, nowadays, we can find a Wi-Fi hotspot in any place we are. They have now expanded their functionality to offer the possibility of making calls. Also sending text and multimedia messages (voice, pictures and further media content).

Download Whatsapp Playstore
Download Whatsapp Playstore

With Whatsapp, the sky is the limit since this app does not stop where international borders halt us with the roaming service. The app can be used to communicate with any person who has downloaded the app on their smartphone regardless the city, country they find themselves in.

In this regard, Whatsapp helps us keep in touch with our loved ones without the difficulties of bad weather connection, tedious long distance phone calls, and expensive international rates for just a call. Whatsapp offers us the opportunity to make a video call with our relatives in New York, simply calling them from Beirut, Rio de Janeiro or Berlin.

Steps to download whatsapp Playstore

If your smartphone is based on Android, the download and installation of Whatsapp is free and super easy. The only requirement you are to meet is to be registered with a Google account to download the app from the Google Play Store, which is the app market where all the applications for Android devices can be installed from.

The PlayStore can be accessed directly here. This link will take to the download page for Whatsapp. Here you will see all the functionalities and also some previews of this application. It also informs the app version and the size it will occupy on your phone’s storage. This is excellent for keeping taps on where to install yours without running out of free and needed space.

From this point on, the instructions to follow are pretty simple. Tap on the green square that reads “Install”. Next a window will prompt you with all the permissions Whatsapp requires to be installed on your smartphone. Read them through and tap on “Accept” at the end of the window prompt.

Whatsapp Playstore
Whatsapp Playstore

After accepting the prompt, the download and installation process finally will begin. It will be completed automatically. This status of the process can be monitored with the progress bar on the same download page for the app. After the process is completed, your Whatsapp will be ready to use from the app drawer on your smartphone.