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Download Whatsapp Messenger

January 12, 2018

Download Whatsapp Messenger also as many people call it ‘Watsup’, is the raging trending app that allows you to connect with friends and family anywhere in the world for free, only using your Android device. If you Download Watsup (WhatsApp) Messenger you will have the possibility to send text messages to any contact or group of contacts to chat. Also you may send to them pictures, videos and voice messages and you can even make a video-call for a better interaction with your contacts.

Install WhatsApp on Android Free APK 2.17
   Install WhatsApp on Android Free APK 2.17

WhatsApp Messenger and Download Whatsapp chat with everybody

All of these features available with just tapping your fingers and here we will tell you how to Download Whatsapp . The app is available for download on the Android’s Play Store and it can be used from your smartphone with the simple requirement of having an Internet connection, whether is via Wi-Fi or via your cell phone network operator.


Download Whatsapp
Download Whatsapp


WhatsApp Messenger is widely sought out due to having a very light interface and useful features and options that allow people to connect with their loved ones no matter where they are in the globe. In addition, it is also a free app, there are no costs for downloading it or for the use of any of its varied features. Additionally, there is no need to subscribe or to pay for a membership in a timely manner.

WhatsApp Messenger only uses your mobile phone number to connect with other users, which makes it even simpler. This eliminates the need for further registering or for starting an account on the webpage.

Download WhatsApp Messenger on your Android device 

All you need to download WhatsApp Messenger is your Android mobile phone and a Google account to login into the Android Play Store. It will suffice if you have a Gmail account.

You require should start with an account, you may open one from the Google or Gmail homepage. Now you are all set and all you need to do to download WhatsApp Messenger from the Play Store for your Android for free is to follow these simple steps:

Steps to Download Watsap

Install WhatsApp on Android free
Install WhatsApp on Android free


1)  From the Applications menu on your device, open the Google Play Store by tapping on the icon.

2)  Once on the Play Store homepage, look for the magnifying glass icon and tap it to open the search bar.

3)  Type in “WhatsApp” in the bar and tap “Go”.

4)  One of the first options will be “WhatsApp Messenger”, select it to open the menu page for the app.

5)  Tap “Install” on the top right section of your phone screen.

6)  The Store will prompt you with a window to accept the App’s accessed features. Tap “Accept” and the installation will begin.

7)  Finally, an icon for WhatsApp Messenger will be on your device’s app drawer. Tap it to start enjoying the free messaging app.

On the other hand, you may also follow these same instructions from your phone’s web browser or from your PC. Only by clicking the link that will take you directly to the WhatsApp Messenger download page on the Play Store.

In conclusion, this option will give an easier access to the Play Store and also the added possibility of installing the app from the comfort of your PC.