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Download Whatsapp Messenger

Download Whatsapp Messenger

Download Whatsapp Messenger also as many people call it ‘Watsup’, is the raging trending app that allows you to connect with friends and family anywhere in the world for free, only using your Android device. If you Download Watsup (WhatsApp) Messenger you will have the possibility to send text messages to any contact or group of contacts to chat. Also you may send to them pictures, videos and voice messages and you can even make a video-call for a better interaction with your contacts.

Install WhatsApp on Android Free APK 2.17
   Install WhatsApp on Android Free APK 2.17

WhatsApp Messenger and Download Whatsapp chat with everybody

All of these features available with just tapping your fingers and here we will tell you how to Download Whatsapp . The app is available for download on the Android’s Play Store and it can be used from your smartphone with the simple requirement of having an Internet connection, whether is via Wi-Fi or via your cell phone network operator.


Download Whatsapp
Download Whatsapp


WhatsApp Messenger is widely sought out due to having a very light interface and useful features and options that allow people to connect with their loved ones no matter where they are in the globe. In addition, it is also a free app, there are no costs for downloading it or for the use of any of its varied features. Additionally, there is no need to subscribe or to pay for a membership in a timely manner.

WhatsApp Messenger only uses your mobile phone number to connect with other users, which makes it even simpler. This eliminates the need for further registering or for starting an account on the webpage.

Download WhatsApp Messenger on your Android device 

All you need to download WhatsApp Messenger is your Android mobile phone and a Google account to login into the Android Play Store. It will suffice if you have a Gmail account.

You require should start with an account, you may open one from the Google or Gmail homepage. Now you are all set and all you need to do to download WhatsApp Messenger from the Play Store for your Android for free is to follow these simple steps:

Steps to Download Watsap

Install WhatsApp on Android free
Install WhatsApp on Android free


1)  From the Applications menu on your device, open the Google Play Store by tapping on the icon.

2)  Once on the Play Store homepage, look for the magnifying glass icon and tap it to open the search bar.

3)  Type in “WhatsApp” in the bar and tap “Go”.

4)  One of the first options will be “WhatsApp Messenger”, select it to open the menu page for the app.

5)  Tap “Install” on the top right section of your phone screen.

6)  The Store will prompt you with a window to accept the App’s accessed features. Tap “Accept” and the installation will begin.

7)  Finally, an icon for WhatsApp Messenger will be on your device’s app drawer. Tap it to start enjoying the free messaging app.

On the other hand, you may also follow these same instructions from your phone’s web browser or from your PC. Only by clicking the link that will take you directly to the WhatsApp Messenger download page on the Play Store.

In conclusion, this option will give an easier access to the Play Store and also the added possibility of installing the app from the comfort of your PC.

WhatsUp for Android Mobile Phone

WhatsUp for Android Mobile Phone

The use of a mobile phone is something essential, where all the users we can connect with people from anywhere and as you know a smartphone, featuring a host of interesting applications to improve the user experience when using this kind of equipment. WhatsApp also known as WhatsUp is a very interesting messaging application, complete and that we contact with all our friends only have a stable internet connection. If you want to download WhatsUp for mobile phone is is your opportunity to make step by step with us, you get this great mobile application.

Download WhatsUp for Android mobile phone

The Android operating system is part of the most popular and one of the main advantages is that it allows us to connect with all people. To send messages, share files or audio, are some of the main and essential for all those who have this application. It is important to mention that now WhatsApp is the most complete application for you communicating immediately with each of your friends.

It is necessary to mention that you will have to rely on Android 4.0 as well as the subsequent updates, this to ensure the functioning of the App to install Whatsup . From 17 June of the year present eta application will no longer be supported for devices with Android 2.1 or earlier. So if your device complies with those requirements of the version, you can continue with the download.

The first thing you need to do is go to Google Play, also known as Play Store which is the official store of this operating system. Once we’re inside look for WhatsUp or WhatsApp and it will appear in the first place, if you are not sure that is the official application, can realize this with a dove or blue that explains that it is the official application. You then press download and will accept the terms so I continued with the application. The application will list in a couple of minutes and you will only have to open it to register your new account on this messaging application.

Download WhatsUp for iPhone

WhatsUp for iOS can easily get it, currently is one of the essential apps to millions of users being thus something immediate to communicate with our contacts. One of the main advantages of WhatsUp for this device, is that it allows us to have updates and improvements before other platforms.

Download WhatsUp for mobile phone is very simple in this case to be a team with iOS you require dirgirite to the app store, better known as App Store and then have to find the application, also appears among the most downloaded free apps. At the time of entering the app, “get” button will appear, you press it and you will be OK to continue with the installation process, this will take a few minutes and then you can use it without problems.


How to Use Web WhatsApp

How to Use Web WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger is currently the most popular Instant messaging app. You can find it on the Play Store. Also Android users have installed this app amongst the most basics for their devices. But now the green-logo app brings us a new variant for their app. That’s why we will present a short guide to you on how to use Watsup Web (WhatsApp).

If you are looking for an expansion for your apps WhatsApp Messenger now offers its new feature beyond the smartphone: WhatsApp Web. This new feature enables the current user of the IM app to also interact with family and friends comfortably from their PCs or their tablets. For those of you who have yet to experience this new variant of the popular application, here tutorial is very useful.

How to use Watsup Web WhatsApp on your mobile

This communications app will be even more popular with this addition, especially in a social media era. The amount of benefits that brings the possibility to use WhatsApp from one computer is significant to let this one pass. For starters, WhatsApp Web will bring comfort for those accustomed to a PC. If being mobile is not the current concern, the bigger screen and wider keyboard will come very handy when sending messages to all your contacts through the app.

Also, the pictures and videos will be available at a better viewing resolution. But that’s not all. If you are sitting in your office and do not want your boss to catch you updating your status on the Family group, there’s a solution. However, WhatsApp Web will display the contacts and chat tabs right on your desktop to best sort through them without the hassle of having to hide your phone every two minutes.


Web WhatsApp
Web WhatsApp

Basic steps on How to use Web WhatsApp

  1. The first thing you would need to do is to open your PC o tablet’s web browser. Next enter the following address on the navigation bar: The page will display a QR code that you will scan using the WhatsApp from your smartphone. From the apps main screen, tap on the Menu icon and select “WhatsApp Web” from the dropdown menu.
  2. Carefully scan the QR code on the screen of your PC and wait for the webpage to load your WhatsApp account on your browser. Just as you have it on the phone. From this point on, sending text and voice messages, making calls and receiving notifications is just as having it on the phone. Also, consider the fact that all the actions you apply on the PC will be mirrored on the phone without additional actions. Therefore, there will be no need for further contraptions, patches or updates.
  1. Now you are all set. Finally, you will notice that the chats and groups tab will show as a column. On the left side of the screen. Also, if you select any of them, on the right side of the screen the conversation will appear without hiding the chats and groups column.

This feature brings a very convenient and comfortable display. Just a few clicks away for those who need to work on the PC or desire a better looking experience of the long famous app.




How to upgrade

How to upgrade whether we like it or not. Most of our environment uses WhatsApp as a regular messaging application. Many people are comfortable in WhatsApp and do not seem willing to switch platforms. That is why, we want you to enjoy all the improvements that WhatsApp can offer you in order to make your experience better.

Use the Status

Use this tool wisely, it can be quite useful. Posting that we are at the movies, a barbecue or a family meal can be the most comfortable way to tell all your contacts that you will not be watching the phone for a while and that they should wait until you can respond.

How to upgrade whatsup
How to upgrade whatsup

The new status, in this sense, are more useful, more visible and easier to handle than what is now known as Information – the typical phrase that was formerly known as Status. customize notifications

This feature is relatively little known, but can become a great ally in times when your list of conversations is congested. This function allows you to set the notification parameters individually for each conversation or group.

If you are interested in highlighting a conversation, you can use a different notification tone. This way you will know that there is activity in that chat and not another without having to unblock the terminal. If you want to activate them, go to the information of the group or individual conversation. You will find the option just below the profile photo.

Highlight important messages

One of the functions that WhatsApp included does relatively little is to mark some messages as important. If you have to remember a specific phone number, address or data, this tool will not let you get lost in a sea of messages.

To mark it as a highlight, hold down the message, and click on the star appearing at the top. To access them again, click on the menu of the 3 buttons on the main screen and then on Featured Messages. Use them without fear. No one gets any notification.

Control the data

Using WhatsApp – and any application – every day generates a large amount of data. With the photographs, videos, archived chats, documents, etc., that are progressively stored in our terminal. To avoid any unnecessary download, it is convenient to access the Settings menu and set what we want to download automatically and which we prefer to download manually.

upgrade whatsup
upgrade whatsup

Likewise, this can save us some megabytes of our internet rate if, for example, we deactivate the automatic videos and photos download while we do not have a Wi-Fi connection.

Keep your conversations safe

Another requirement for a full WhatsApp experience is to keep our conversations safe from intruders. To do this, use end-to-end encryption and tell the application to show you the security notifications (Settings > Account > Security > Show security notifications). Check your settings because you may not have them activated.

This is the best option you have to improve your experience using WhatsApp than any other around the world. Even though there are other applications, people still trust in this tool.