How to Use WhatsUp

WhatsUp or WhatsApp is the ideal messaging application to stay in touch with all the people who appreciate fast and immediate. The reality is that right now we can communicate with them only to have an internet connection, so it is best that you know very well everything about his performance. Today it is one of the most complete applications and no doubt millions of people around the world consider it as an excellent element so that you download, conversations and enjoy this great game. I want to tell you all about How to use WhatsUp and which will become a very good tool for mobile messaging and be sure to take it into account.

How to use WhatsUp tutorial

We have to start talking about download whatsUp this can do so directly from the mobile application store. Another point to point is that you need to have versions of supported operating systems, internet access and course that had an account to perform the download immediately. WhatsApp is totally free, don’t let you carry, because it offers one alternative more than ideal so that you continue communicating quickly.

You have to take into account that the download will take a couple of minutes and after doing this is that you can start to register your account. Open a WhatsUp is very fast, you will have to add your contact name, register your phone, and then receive a verification code so that your account is ready and you don’t have any kind of complications to communicate.

Finally at the time of registration, you will have to have a phone that has a signal so you can receive the message, should you not receive it, it is essential that you add this code so that you can continue to use, you add people, among other things.

Add contact, share, send audio in WhatsUp

This is very simple to add to a contact, this can do so directly from the directory of your device and then this is that you will have that you see within the contacts section that appears on WhatsApp, it will take you several minutes to do so and since you added it, you may select it to open the chat and you begin to communicate with him or her.

Send an audio in WhatsUp is simple on the right side where we write, see us a blue microphone, where to select it can talk and share all what you feel. Do not forget to take into account that we have these alternatives as complete so you quickly communicate based on audio.

Finally sharing images is rather simple, you only have to press an arrow in form of “+” where you can choose to take a photo or choose files you have on your device. Thus it is that you will have at least one basic concept to make you realize How to use whatsup.


How to Use WhatsUp

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