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The Best Guide on How to Install whatsupp Samsung


WhatsUp Samsung
WhatsUp Samsung


The new era of cellular phones is now here. To avoid being left out of the fashion, you have purchased a brand new Samsung smartphone. Nevertheless, if you feel like having bought a new car and do not know where to go, you should start by getting Whatsapp. The best app for communicating with all your friends and family. Who probably also have a smartphone. But do not despair. These next paragraphs will serve as very detailed guide on how to install whatsupp Samsung. So keep on reading to keep on texting.


Whatsapp is a very useful app that, beyond the simple functionality of sending and receiving text messages, it also features instant voice messages, sharing of any kind of files among users, calls, and video calls. Imagine then to have all of these functions in your Samsung for any conversation you want to have with your friends. It is no longer a simple voice call or texting conversation. With Whatsapp, communications have reached a better level.


To this date, Whatsapp Messenger can be installed in devices that are running Android version 2.3.3 or more recent, as the minimum requirement, and it can be installed on devices that can receive text messages and regular calls, in order to pass the initial verifications process after launch the app for the first time. Evidently, our Samsung device allows us to meet these requirements with no problem.


However, in case you run into any hitch during this initial setting up process, you may go to the FAQ section of whatsupp here.


 How to install whatsupp Samsung

install whatsupp Samsung
install whatsupp Samsung


To install the latest version of whatsupp on your Samsung device, follow these steps.


  1. Unlock your Samsung device and, from the Home screen, tap on the Apps menu icon.


  1. Browse the apps listed (which are in alphabetical order) and find “Play Store”.

This will open the Google Play Store, the market for all the apps for Android devices, including         Samsung. If this is the first time you launch the Play Store, you will be required to enter your account information to log in, or register for a new one.


  1. On the main screen of the Play Store, locate the search icon on the top right, it should be a small magnifying glass. Tap on it to toggle the search bar.


  1. Type “Whatsapp” in the search bar and tap on go. You may also select it from the suggestion list that will pop up.


  1. From the results that will display, tap on “Whatsapp Messenger” to access the installation page.


  1. At this page, you shall tap on “Install”. A window will pop up prompting to accept the permissions the app needs to run on your phone. Tap on “Accept” at the end of the window.


  1. After this, the installation process will begin and, upon completion, will inform you that Whatsapp Messenger has been successfully installed on your Samsung device.


  1. Finally your app will be available to launch it from the Apps menu, just as the Play Store.


install whatsupp Samsung
install whatsupp Samsung

Congratulations, you are now ready to communicate with everybody around the world and also with no limits!

Install Whatsupp Samsung
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