WhatsApp for Android Free Download

WhatsApp for Android Messenger is a cross platform mobile messaging app which allows you to stay connected with your loved ones within your Smartphone. WhatsApp is known as World’s most popular IM app which carries over a Billion monthly active users. The Messenger app has got numerous features to get you the best experience of messaging within a Smartphone device. The app allows you to send unlimited texts between the WhatsApp users without having to pay for any SMS plans. Now, this is something which we can call Amazing!

WhatsApp Messenger for Android

which is completely out of your knowledge and before to to get into this messenger, you should know each of its useful features. First of all, WhatsApp Messenger doesn’t cost anything. It is available for free for almost all types of Smartphone Platforms. It works on the same Internet connection which you use for browsing the web Whatsapp. Yes, you need not to own a separate data plan to make use of this app. If you are using a Wi-Fi network, you still can make the most out of this messenger app.

Since the app is for free, most of the Smartphone users do like to switch from their original messenger app to this WhatsApp Messenger. For some, WhatsApp has become a part of their lives and why not? When everything’s for free, why can not we use it on a regular basis. Well, WhatsApp has got all the awesomeness inside. You can use this app for multiple uses. It allows you not just to share texts, you can share pretty much everything within this messenger app. It has got a list of amazing features which you should know about. Following we have prepared a full list of all the useful features available in this World’s most popular Instant Messenger app called, WhatsApp. Take a look on to the features.

Features of WhatsApp Messenger for Android

  • No hidden cost for anything that you share. It works on your phone’s cellular data plan i.e. 3G or Wi-Fi network.
  • It allows you to send unlimited texts to your friends and loved ones.
  • It synchronizes all the contacts itself and gives you the list of contacts who use WhatsApp Messenger
  • User can build his own WhatsApp profile with a personal DP and a status as well
  • Send video, images, voice notes to your friends unlimitedly
  • Create group of people to share moments with up to 50 friends together
  • Send international messages for free without any external charges, all it requires is a WhatsApp installed in it
  • No username or Pin required to log into this messenger, it needs your cellphone number to get the lifetime agreement of using this messenger app
  • It works 24*7, you need not to log in or log out again and again
  • It gives you push notifications whenever you receive a message from your buddy
  • Even if you are not connected with the web, you still can receive messages whenever you get connected with your internet back.
  • You would not miss even a single message from anybody
  • User can share current locations, exchange contact numbers, custom notification sounds, custom background wallpaper and much more
  • Uncountable emoticons to share your feelings
  • Broadcast messages and MMS
  • Backup your chat history and mail to anyone whom you want easily within the app
  • User can see whether the messages are being sent or not and can see who’s responding to your messages with Typing

ren’t all these enough to make you amazed? I am pretty sure that you already are amazed after hearing such an incredibly useful list of its features. WhatsApp offers a new life within your Android device. Surprisingly, you can easily own this Messenger app if you are using an Android device. It works like a charm in all types of Android devices and anyone can start making use of it instantly. WhatsApp for Android Free Download from the following Download button.

WhatsApp for Android – Free Download

To download WhatsApp for Android, you just need to click on to the above Download button once. You’ll be redirected to the official Google Play Store’s page of WhatsApp Messenger. Once the page gets loaded, you can install this Messenger app by clicking on to the Install button given on that page.

That’s all you have to do in order to Install WhatsApp Messenger to your Android device. If you are using Google Play’s app on your Android device, you can easily type in WhatsApp into the search box and install it by following the instructions, easily!

Apart from this, Android allows its users to install any apps or games with its APK file. Well, you too can install WhatsApp Messenger app by installing its proper APK file. For that, you need to download a proper APK file of WhatsApp Messenger. You can download it from the following given button.

WhatsApp for Android – Download WhatsApp APK

Click the above Download button, you will get a Download page. Hit the Download link and soon a proper APK file of WhatsApp will be downloaded to your PC. After this, you just need to transfer this APK file to your Android device. Go to your file manager folder and tap on to the transferred APK file WhatsApp. You’ll be asked whether to install this file or not. Kindly click on to the Install button. In a few seconds, WhatsApp Messenger will be installed on your Android device. To make use of it, go to your apps menu and tap on to the WhatsApp’s icon. The app will be right there on your display.

To keep WhatsApp secured from other users of your device, you can lock it up by using other Android app lock apps. Further more, you can block particular numbers from your WhatsApp contacts list so that you would not be able to receive or communicate with that particular contact. When not it use, user can delete his account instantly.

In short, WhatsApp allows you to explore a whole new World of Messaging. You can start living a complete different life with this Messenger app installed on your Android device. Go up and get it installed. If there’s any queries or questions to be asked, drop it down into the comment sections. We would definitely be there to help you out with proper solutions!

WhatsApp for Android Free Download
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